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Health Advice And Tips For Traveling To Uganda

Health Advice And Tips For Traveling To Uganda : Thinking of travelling to Uganda for various activities such as gorilla trekking adventure, birding safari, cultural tour and generally a safari holiday? Generally, common health issues that tourists who come to Uganda may face are predictable and can as well be avoided easily. Vaccinations and malaria prophylaxis may be a necessity. If you are still wondering on what vaccinations you might need and what to expect of the local food then below are the health tips you should follow.


Malaria is basically caused by mosquito bites and especially a mosquito type called anopheles mosquito, so not every mosquito bite causes malaria. Malaria is known to be the biggest killers in Africa but its curable and preventable as well.

Therefore, one can protect themselves from bites by sleeping under mosquito nets at night, apply insect repellent in the evening and when going for nature walks and gorilla trekking.

Since mosquito bites can’t be avoided it’s advisable to carry anti-malarial drugs that you can take before your trip as well as weekly during the trip. You can as well visit the physician for advice and prescription on the best options but the most recommended antimalarial drugs include; daily Doxycycline or weekly chloroquine with daily paludrine.


Yellow fever vaccination is a must and a certificate is a mandatory requirement for all tourists coming to Uganda from or have visited a high-risk country. If you aren’t sure of your country being a yellow fever high risk country since countries change then take shot and get the vaccination certificate to avoid inconveniences on arrival.

Other vaccines that aren’t mandatory but highly advised for your protection due to the high risk of exposure include;

Hepatitis A Vaccine; tourists are likely to be infected with hepatitis A incase they visit rural areas, trekking in backcountry areas or eat or drink in poor sanitation settings. However even tourists who stay in hotels r urban centers are infected with hepatitis A and that’s why its recommended for travelers to get vaccinated and the vaccine is in three doses

Hepatitis B Vaccine; this should be considered for longer trips that is two months or more as well as those working with children or situations where contact with blood is likely. With this vaccine only 3 injections are required for your protection.

Meningococcus and rabies; the ministry of health high recommends immunization of Meningococcus and rabies since the meningococcal disease has a high mortality rate in teens and young adults if untreated but can be vaccine-preventable. As well as rabies is advisable for everyone coming to Uganda since it spreads from pets.

Health Advice And Tips For Traveling To Uganda
Health Advice And Tips For Traveling To Uganda

Tuberculosis; Tuberculosis is highly risky in Uganda for tourists. Therefore those staying for years in the region should have 2 step tuberculin skin test before coming to Uganda.

Typhoid; oral vaccines are given to people at 6 years and consists of 4 pills taken every other day and should be finished at least 1 week before travel.

HIV/AIDS; This is a sexually transmitted disease that has no cure and Uganda is one of the highly affected by the virus with an estimated population of 7.3%. The best protection is abstaining from sex but if you are to have sex you both have to take an HIV test to know the status of each other.

You can as well use condoms, besides HIV there are other STDs that are prevalent in the population such as syphilis, candida and gonorrhea among others.

FIRST AID KIT; As tourists come to Uganda, they are advised to carry a basic first aid kit with items such as bandages, cotton wool, plaster, disinfectant, anti-histamine cream and analgesia among others.

Other things that are essential are sunglasses to protect you from dust, bacteria and insects and sunscreen to protect from sunburn.

Therefore, those are the health tips travelers can follow as they are having a Uganda safari

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