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Mount Kigali

Mount Kigali is among the two mountains that are found in Kigali city the capital of Rwanda which interests travelers in different activities. The city is famous for its amazing attractions that attract you while on a Rwanda safari. These include; the presidential palace, the Kigali genocide memorial museum, hotel des mille Collins, Nyamirambo Muslim quarters among others. Mount Kigali is one of the most eye catching landforms that can be seen within the city. Kigali city lies in between mount Kigali and mount jail which offers the best views of the city while on top. The mountain got its name from the many hills that are joined to form the mountain and hence mount Kigali.



While on mount Kigali, you can participate in horseback riding at the fazenda sengha horse riding school where tourists have an exciting adventures riding at their backs as a way to have an amazing experience within the country. While at the school, you can have a picnic for a day, film the donkeys and horses as you take pictures of the rewarding views of mount Kigali and mount jail as well as the breath-taking views of Kigali city as you take in a cool breeze from the summit.


This is the major reason as to why people hike mountain Kigali and it’s because it gives a bright and amazing view of the Kigali city as well as the neighboring towns. Among the spotted views, you will see the Kigali city, while on the hike in the evening hours, you will get to watch the sunset during the rush hours as you watch Kigali city, as you take in the cool breeze from the summit.


The mountain is an amazing place for mountain biking due to a number of trail roads that can be seen leading to a number of rewarding attractions and views while you visit mount Kigali. Mountain biking can be carried out in case you want to reach the peak in the shortest time or when you want to have a rewarding view as you ride on a bike. You can as well participate in mountain cycling in case you’re interested in having an adventure filled experience.

Mount Kigali
Mountain Biking


While on the Kigali hike, you can as well participate in the Nyamirambo village walk as another activity that offers an amazing experience. While there, you will have a chance to visit the culturally rich environment that will open up a new adventure of the people of Rwanda participating in a number of activities and you will learn and understand more about the culture of the Rwandan people.

A visit to the Kigali homestead to understand how the various activities within the country are done such as how food is prepared using traditional methods like firewood, you will get to see how local brew is made and after the rewarding experience where you will taste it and you will as well participate in making butter among others.


During the hike, you can have an amazing experience where you will meet various communities as you make your way to the summit. At kumuvumu, you will have a chance to spot different entertainment centers such as bars, restaurants which you can visit and interact with a number of locals with amazing stories and culture that will give you an amazing experience as you interact with them. You will taste their local brew made from fermented bananas, you will also taste kabenz, ugali mizuzi and many other staple foods that will give you a feel of the culture.

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