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Ziwa rhino sanctuary

Ziwa rhino sanctuary was set in 2005 inured to conserve the white rhinos within uganda after the last rhino was executed in Murchison falls national park in 1983 by poachers. The sanctuary is taken to be a non-profitable as well as a private conservation project that was established for endangered animals within uganda. Ziwa rhino sanctuary is a home to special animal species known as the white rhinos and it’s the only place where people can get to find the rhinos after they were diminished from Murchison falls national park as well as kidepo national park during the enormous war in the 1970s as well as the uncontrolled poaching in the 90s.


The setting up of the rhino sanctuary was after the execution of all the white rhinos from all national parks in uganda due to the wars that existed in the 1970s in the north of uganda that led to the rampant killings of animals in both kidepo national park as well as Murchison falls national park. The excessive poaching of the rhinos for ivory led to the depletion of animals in uganda.

The creation of ziwa rhino sanctuary in 2005 created way for the restoration of the white rhinos within uganda. The rhino sanctuary is a project that was started by the rhino fund uganda as well as introducing the rhinos back in uganda. The sanctuary begun with 6 rhinos and later increased to 19 animals in 2015. Of late they are 22 rhinos that are ready to be tracked by various tourists that intend to visit the sanctuary. The sanctuary is viable because uganda wildlife authority as well as the ziwa ranchers work together with the rhino fund to put in place strategies on improving on the project.

The ziwa rhino sanctuary is as well a home to other animals that tourists can enjoy viewing while on their safari to Murchison falls national park. The sanctuary has 40 mammal species such as antelopes, hippopotamus, crocodiles, monkeys, leopard, oribi, bushbuck, waterbuck, colobus and vervet monkeys, mongoose and many more. The sanctuary also has various bird species that makes it a bird haven and these include speckled breasted woodpecker, blue-spotted dove, shoebill stork, Abdim’s stork, African black crake, palm nut vulture, giant kingfisher, African cuckoo, white crested turaco and many more. Tourists can as well tour the sanctuary while on foot with no panic about security while on the trek. The sanctuary has 65 well trained game rangers for security and as well as guide visitors during their activities.



Rhino tracking is the major activity within the sanctuary this is because rhinos are the major reason for the establishment of the sanctuary. During the tracking of the rhinos tourists get a chance to track the endangered rhinos on foot and watch them closer but on a more safer distance of 6 meters. Tourists can as well learn more about the rhinos as well as taking pictures as they are feeding on grass.

Ziwa rhino sanctuary
Ziwa rhino sanctuary


The ziwa rhino sanctuary has over 350 bird species which makes bird watching an enjoyable activity. Birding within the sanctuary can take a half day or full day depending on the tourist’s decision. It can be done with a guided nature walk or boat ride. Tourists can spot birds such as blue spotted dove, shoebill, Abdim’s stork and the African black among others.

Tourists can as well have nature walks within sanctuary and well as hikes within the area as well as wildlife viewing such as reed bucks, bush bucks, hartebeests, monkeys.

The rhino sanctuary gives tourists a view of a big five during the game drive. With the rhinos that sum up the big five animals gives a more amazing safari to the tourists.

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