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1 Day Kampala City tour

1 Day Kampala City tour : An incredible safari excursion is a 1 Day Kampala City tour, during which tourists get the opportunity to learn about Uganda and its history while exploring Kampala City. The city of Kampala, which is located in the Buganda kingdom in the country’s central region, is the official capital of Uganda.

Highlights of 1 Day Kampala City tour

Pick up from your lodge

Visiting religious sites

Visiting the Historical sites

Touring the cultural sites

Return to the lodge

During the one day Kampala city tour, you will visit several places that have a lot of attractions, including the Religious sites such as the Namugongo shrine which is located approximately 12 km from the city center Kampala, along Jinja road which was put in place in memory of the Christian believers that were killed due to their religion during the leadership of the Kabaka Mwanga in 1886, the Bahia Temple which was put in place as a result of Bahia’s faith in 1951 but later was stopped After touring the various places of worship.

Proceed to the Historical sites, where you will see a number of museums and monuments, such as the Uganda National Museum, which is the oldest museum in East Africa; the Makerere University Zoology Museum, where you will see several remains of animals, birds, and plants that are being preserved for the purposes of research; the Independence Monument, which was erected by the British government in 1962; and the Sir Edward Mutesa II Monument, which is located on the Speke road. Have a wonderful meal at approximately one o’clock in the afternoon in the city of Kampala.

1 Day Kampala City tour
Bahai Temple

Visit the cultural sites after lunch, which include the Kasubi tombs, which are located on Kasubi Hill and are well known as the burial grounds for the kings of the Buganda kingdom; visit the kabaka’s palace, which is located on Mengo Hill and is also well known as the location of Idi Amin’s torture and murdering grounds during his regime in 1971-1979; the kabaka’s lake is yet another site not to miss out during your one day Kampala city tour; You will have a wonderful time seeing the traditional performances from a variety of different cultures from all across the country, such as the Bakiga, Banyankore, baganda, and Batooro, amongst many more. There will be seen to be a variety of musical instruments present.

After touring the National theater and Nomo gallery, where you can see a number of exhibitions, the Africa Craft Village, where you can buy some trinkets and several other galleries located all around Kampala, and the Nakasero market, where you can buy some fruits, you should consider calling your excursion a success.

Following the conclusion of the city tour, you will be taken back to the lodge from where you were collected in the early morning.

Itinerary includes:

A 4×4 safari vehicle

Enough bottled drinking water

One meal for lunch

Experienced English and Luganda-speaking tour guide

Itinerary excludes:


All calls and emails



Life insurance

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