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Lake Muhazi

Lake Muhazi is one of the hidden attractions with fresh water and found in Rwanda. The lake is located 40 kilometers east of Kigali, Rwanda’s capital city and has an amazing winding shoreline worth exploring while on a Rwanda safari. The surrounding area has a very charming and relaxed atmosphere making it an ideal place to escape the busy and noisy life of the city. Lake Muhazi is long and shallow lake which extends through a flooded valley for more than 40 kilometers before reaching its eastern shore that is close to Akagera national park. The road leading to Nyagatare passes close to the lake’s eastern shore which makes it a pleasant stopover for tourists or travelers. There are two large towns next to the lake that is Gahini and Rwesero both which have a number of accommodation from which you can organize a number of activities.



Fishing is the most rewarding activity that tourists can participate in to have an amazing time. Some of the fish species caught include Nile tilapia, blue-spotted tilapia, and marbled lung fish among others. The most amazing part of the activity is at the end of the fishing activity, you will keep some of the fish caught and take back to the hotel for preparation and enjoy the fruits of your hard work.


Camping is organized by different hotels along the shores of the lake. Therefore tourists interested in camping will book in advance so as not to miss out the activity. You can either carry your own equipment’s which reduces the costs or you can hire when you reach the hotel which will set up the camping tents at a little cost.


While at the lake, you will have a chance to participate in birding because there are a number of bird species that can be spotted while flying or catching their prey, others building their nests within the trees along the shores. Bird species include; yellow billed stork, African fish eagle, common waxbill, chin-spot, open bill, cardinal woodpecker, ashy flycatcher, speckled pigeons, scarlet chested cormorant, grey crowned cranes and cattle egrets among others.


Lake Muhazi
Lake Muhazi

Tourists can participate in the boat rides while on the lake where you can enjoy the lake breezes, see the sunset, water birds that are spotted on the lake shores as well as other attractions that will make the safari a relaxing and memorable one. Early morning and in the evening, you can have a chance to see fishermen heading to their fishing spots to catch fish.


While on the cultural encounters you will engage with the local community where you will visit a number of towns surrounding Lake Muhazi but the most visited is the Gahini town which is among the most religious towns in Rwanda. The town is known as one of the areas that the early missionaries in Rwanda first visited and constructed a number of schools, churches and a large missionary hospital known as Gahini hospital which is still used today by the locals to receive treatment, interesting about the buildings that were constructed. These still maintain their originality and while on the safari you will spot the different architecture styles of the missionaries.


Lake Muhazi is found in the eastern side of Rwanda which is just a 40 minutes drive from Kigali city. The lake can be accessed by using Gatuna road, Kayonza road and the kagitumba road in towns which can be visited while on the Rwanda city safari which offer amazing experiences. Through kagitumba road, you will reach the eastern side of the lake, by using Kayonza road, you will reach the southern side of the lake and the Gatuna road which leads you to the western side of Lake Muhazi.

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