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Mount Rwenzori national park

Mount Rwenzori national park is among the Uganda safari destinations and it’s located on the border of democratic republic of Congo and uganda. The national park has an area cover of 996 square kilometers and consists of 6 ranges that are separated by deep gorges. These include; Mount Baker, Mount Luigi di Savoia, Mount Speke, Mount Emin, Mount Gessi, Mount Stanley and Margherita peak which is the highest point on the mountain.

The national park has a vegetation cover that ranges from the tropical rainforest although the alpine meadows. There are species and a variety of tall ashes which is covered on the peaks. The national park has a number of attractions and activities which tourists can engage in while at the park and these include;



The national park has a population of over 70 mammals where 6 species are natives to the Albertine rift and as well as four species that are natives to the national park. Other mammals such as elephants, chimpanzees, Rwenzori otter and leopards. Tourists can look out for primates such as the colobus [ black and white as well as Angola monkeys], blue monkeys, small antelopes such as bushbucks and reptiles such as the three-horned chameleon.


Mount Rwenzori national park is a habitat to over 217 bird species and these include natives to the Albertine rift species. Among the 217 a7 are natives to mount Rwenzori national park which makes the park are bird haven. Birds such as barred long-tailed cuckoo, blue-headed sunbird, long-eared owl, greenbuls, lagden’s bush shrike, slender-billed starling, strange weaver, golden-winged sunbird, Rwenzori batis, white starred robin, the rare montane sooty boubou among others.


The Rwenzori mountain is made up of 6 different mountains despite their location just next to the north of the equator. The mountains have snow as well as glacier and can be accessed by hikers through the central circuit and kilembe trails.


Within mountain Rwenzori national park their over 20 lakes and the most accessible is lake Mahoma. Lake Bujuku lies at the peak of the glacier carved Bujuku valley in the shadow of Mount Stanley and Mount Baker. Within the valley of Nyamwamba they ascend through the trail in kilembe, glacial moraine stored in the valley created dam that formed a string of eight amazing lakes. A number of streams begin from the mountain that give life to the flora and fauna in the flood plains as well as supporting local communities.


The houses of bulema bulema is where the remains of the first Rwenzururu king were kept. The historical leaders such as Isaiah Mukirania Kibanzanga who played an important role by saving the bakonzo tribe from the batooro oppression. Every year on 2nd September the bakonzo convene and attend a pilgrimage to the sacred site to offer sacrifices in memory of their great king.


The ruboni ruboni is located in the southeastern foot of the Rwenzori mountains and its mainly used by those who love hiking. The trail leads the tourists to the seven-day central circuit and the high peaks. The ruboni ruboni is the tarting point for the hill walks as well as bird treks through the homesteads of the local bakonzo community.



This is the most carried out activity within the national park because the national park has the third highest peak in the whole of Africa known as margherita. The tourists are challenged by a seven day climb up to the top. To those who like climbing mountain Rwenzori national park is the best Uganda safari destination. The national park has a number of trails that are used to reach at the top of the mountain and each trail has its amazing sceneries as well as glacial lakes, lush valleys among others. The trails such as the central circuit and the kilembe trails can be used by the tourists to reach on the peaks.

Mount Rwenzori national park
Hiking Mount Rwenzori


The tourists while on their safari can explore the park through hiking as well as the nature walks led by a guide leading them to the amazing features such as lake mahoma as well as the buraro chimp forest. Tourists can as well hike through the communities of kichamhe to the karangura ridge and also the Bundibugyo through bwamba pass.


Rwenzori national park is among the best bird safari destination in Uganda. The park has 217 bird species that can be spotted in the montane forest. Birds in the park include; bearded vultures, black eagles, Rwenzori turaco, bee eaters, robins, sunbirds, long eared owl, grauer’s cuckoo-shrike, red-faced crimsonwing, red throated Alethe, white-collared olive-back among others.


The national park has a number of wildlife species as well as birds. Due to the high density of trees and amazing vegetation. Tourists can enjoy the amazing sunshine, cold as well as heavy rainfall that supports plant life and animal species. The mammal species in the park include; bushbuck, golden cats, giant forest hogs, red duiker, genet mongoose, leopards, uganda clawed frog, L’hoest’s monkey, Rwenzori otter, Rwenzori colobus, forest elephants among others.


The tourists while on their safari can enjoy visiting the local communities near the national park. Therefore, they will walk to the bakonzo within their homesteads passing through the foothills of Rwenzori which makes the trip amazing and memorable. A visit to the bakonzo people makes the tourists to learn more about them such as how they make their local meals, meet the black smith, traditional healers, basket weavers as well as the amazing story tellers.

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