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kahuzi-beiga national park

kahuzi-beiga national park : The national park was established in 1970 and named after two dormant volcanic mountains of kahuzi and biega. The national park covers an area of 6000 square kilometers which makes it the largest national park in the democratic republic of Congo. The national park is a famous Congo safari destination for the eastern lowland gorilla trekking safaris in Congo.

The eastern lowland gorilla trekking was first done in 1973 and in 1975 within the national park. The national park was named a UNESCO world heritage site in 1980. The national park is composed of swamps and bog vegetation, marshland and the riparian forests on the hydromorphic grounds.



Tourists on their Congo safari within kahuzi-beiga national park have an opportunity to track both mountain gorillas as well as the east lowland gorillas. Although tourists trek the mountain gorillas most but the eastern lowlands are the main attraction within the national park. The eastern lowland is the largest of all gorilla species and they are differentiated from the mountain gorillas because they are large than the mountain gorillas.


The national park has over 349 bird species with 4 bird species listed under the IUCN red list of the endangered species such as yellow-crested helmet shrike, African green broadbill, Rockefeller’s sunbird as well as the Congo peafowl. Other bird species include the martial eagle, bar-tailed trogon, grey-cheeked hornbill, white-headed wood-hoopoe, African hobby, grauer’s broadbill, black-billed turaco among others.


The sanctuary is near the national park and it’s a better place to visit for the tourists who are interested in spotting the chimpanzees. The sanctuary is a rehabilitation center for the orphaned primates mostly chimpanzees. The sanctuary was established in 2002 and has over 55 chimpanzees and 60 monkeys.


The tourists while on their safari at kahuzi-beiga national park can explore the amazing and wonderful lake kivu which is situated within the Albertine rift. The lake lies in between the borders of rwanda and Congo and its among the great lakes of Africa.


Mount kahuzi is a dormant volcano within kahuzi-beiga national park. The mountain is an extinct volcano elevated at a 3,317meters above sea level. Tourists can hike on the mountain while on their safari within the national park.


Kahuzi forest reserve in 1975 was extended to cover the areas of mount beiga as well as its surroundings. The mountain is an extinct volcano elevated at 2,790 meters above sea level and it’s found within the ranges of mountain mitumba.



The kahuzi-beiga is the only national park with the eastern lowland gorillas in Congo. The national park has the most highest population of about 250 eastern lowland species as well as the Grauer’s gorillas within the four gorilla species. The eastern lowlands feed mainly on fruit, bamboo shoots and the other herbaceous materials. The greatest number of the lowland has been habituated and are ready to be tracked by the tourists in their habitat. Trekking the lowlands takes 4 to 6 hours depending on their location.

kahuzi-beiga national park
Eastern Lowland Gorillas


Chimpanzee trekking takes place in the lwiro Chimpanzee sanctuary and the majority of them are habituated. Therefore, tourists have a chance to spot other primates within the rehabilitation center. The chimpanzee permit costs only 40USD within kahuzi-beiga national park.


The kahuzi-beiga national park is a home to over 349 species and thus makes it the best place to carry out a birding safari by the tourists. Tourists have a high chance to spot the various bird species within the national park such as Congo peafowl, Rwenzori turaco and the trogons among others.


The boat cruise within kahuzi-beiga national park is carried out at lake kivu which is shared by both rwanda and Congo. The boat cruise costs 50USD per person and it can be carried out after gorilla trekking  in the national park.


The mitumba ranges give the tourists an amazing spot for a hiking safari within the national park. Tourists can hike through the forest vegetation  and traverse the magnificent sceneries as well as wildlife. The tourists can as well hike the kibatu waterfall at a fee of 25USD per person and hiking the mountains o kahuzi or beiga costs 100USD per person.


Camping within the kahuzi-beiga national park is enjoyable as tourists spend quality time with nature as well as waking up to the sounds of birds whistling, chipping and singing in the morning. Tourists who love to traverse the tropical forest are charged 50USD per person a day. Tourists who wish to camp can come along with their tents and sleeping bags or hire from the park at a fee of 5USD per person per night.


The tourists get an opportunity to interact with the locals living in the nearby communities. Tourists get to learn more about the different cultures in Congo and how they get to spend their day to day lives, watch performances from the local dance troupes. Tourists also get an opportunity to learn how to cook the Congolese delicacies and have a meal with the locals.

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