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Sipi falls

Sipi falls has three waterfalls and are located in the eastern part of Uganda within kapchorwa district and lie on the edge of Mount Elgon National park which is found at the Kenyan border. Sipi falls are a starting point for all hikes to Mount Elgon. The hikes start from Budadiri trail which leads to Sasa trails up to the summit and descends down to the sipi falls. Hiking around the falls gives one an opportunity to view the karamoja plains and Lake Kyoga at the slopes of Mount Elgon.

Sipi falls is among the best places where one can relax, unwind from the hustle of towns and cities. The sipi falls have other activities at the main stream river around jinja town, rolling rocks and it’s among the rocks where the Italian climbers were trained.  This was after abseiling along the main 100m sipifalls. The falls are the starting point for all hikes of mountain Elgon.

Sipi falls was named after a plantation called SEP which is located next to the banks of the river and it’s in a banana wild form. The Sep is a medicinal plant and it’s believed for treating fever and measles. The sipi falls are famous for the Bugisu Arabica coffee which grows between 1,700 and 1,900meters. The coffee tour can be organized by tour operators who are fully informed about the coffee farming, processing and roasting. Sipi falls has a number of activities and these include;


The mount climbing on top of Mount Elgon is accomplished within 4 days as the hikers can move with porters as well as guides who help along the hike to ease on the load. There are tents that accommodate you as well as foods.


Sipi falls has mountain biking trails and the activity is one of the activities that one can engage in while on Mount Elgon.


Sipi falls
Sipi falls

During the sipi falls hike one can enjoy a rock climbing on Mount Elgon national park on the side of sipi falls. Therefore one can enjoy the adventure on mount climbing since it’s safe.


Bird’s species can be spotted in the nearby community and surrounding. These include African hill babbler, mountain yellow warbler, grey cuckoo, black throated wattle eye, eastern bronze napped pigeon among others. There are a number of trail heads in the foothills where various bird species can be spotted.


The imbalu circumcision is a cultural practice where every male mugishu has to be circumcised publicly. Many people come together as well as visitors can join for the colorful event. This is meant to show strength and power from the circumcised boys or males.


The sipi falls area has three trail heads such as Namugambwe cave trails through the Bamasaba community area within the banana plantation. The other trails include the gabushana cave and Dirigana loop trail that can be used while on a Uganda Hiking safari.


This is a small community called the Jews of Uganda and it has existed for more than 100 years. The Jews of Uganda is a choice not a lineage where it teaches the community the local curriculum and Jewish ways. They as well have a modern hospital and Arch dental department within their community.


The safari takes one day with your packed lunch and head to the near rocks which are believed to be the first habitat to the locals. The nyero rock paintings have lived for more than a thousand years and thus one can explore them after the sipi falls.


The guide will take you with your packed lunch and drinks for a fish trout. Tourists can enjoy catching the Nile perch on Sipi River.


The community walk within the Budadiri community which is located near the Mount Elgon. The community is found in Budadiri and it has a number of activities such as cultural dances, nature walk, community walk and food preparation among others

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