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Sezibwa Falls In Uganda

Sezibwa Falls In Uganda : Ssezibwa falls are among the most visited waterfalls on a Uganda safari tour. The falls are located in the eastern part of uganda in jinja town. The ssezibwa falls were formed by a result of water passing through a narrow opening of the rocks and dropping at a high speed into the large pool that is 14 meters deep. The falls are specified by several rocks with sharp edges as well as a large pool and gives an amazing view of the waterfalls and bird species. The ssezibwa river flows up to lake Kyoga and the falls are a home to primates like vervet and the red-tailed monkeys, snakes such as the African cobra, green mambas and horned adder. Other animals such as wildcats, mongoose, tadpoles and otter as well call the falls home.

The name sezibwa is a Luganda word meaning `something endless’. The falls are considered to be an important cultural and spiritual site for the Baganda culture where they believe in the supernatural powers on the river Sezibwa. There’s a traditional attachment that is believed by the local people about the existence of the Sezibwa falls and Sezibwa river. Its believed that a young woman by name of Nakangu Tebatuusa had problems with the husband known as Nsubuga Sebwaata and she left her marital home to her parents home. When she reached her father told her to go back to her husband and the mother escorted her and left her close to the husband’s home. When she approached to her home, she got so tired and had to rest. While she was resting, she gave birth to twins in form of water. Her husband came later after being told by a man who saw him go to the bush. The man saw a pool of water flowing and thus the formation of the two rivers that is Bwanda and Ssezibwa.

Still at birth Sezibwa flowed towards the west and had many challenges whereas bwanda flowed towards the east. Ssezibwa was helped by a spirit known as Nalongo Kkubo through the challenges and later settled around the waterfalls and shrines were built to worship the spirits. Besides Nnalongo kkubo, other gods include Walumbe, Musoke, Ddungu, Kibuuka, Musisi and Mukasa. Due to such history twins are highly valued within the Baganda’s and their birth is considered a blessing as well as rituals have to be performed in order to please the gods. It became a norm for whoever was passing close to the waterfall to throw stones into the water in order to seek blessings and favor from the gods.

Various kings most especially the king of Buganda come to the waterfall to seek for blessings and good health. Kabaka Mwanga planted a wild olive tree known as Mwanga while on his journey in between two of his palaces in 1889. Due to the beauty of the waterfall Mwanga and his servant stayed for some time and as they were leaving they planted a tree in honor of the gods.

As time went by kabaka Muteesa II planted a tree as well to show respect to the spiritual importance of the waterfalls and the ssezibwa river. Kabaka Ronald Mwenda Mutebi II paid a visit to the falls in 2002 as one of the tourism sites in Buganda. Therefore, while on a Uganda safari tourists shouldn’t miss a safari to the sezibwa falls.

Sezibwa Falls In Uganda
Sezibwa Falls In Uganda



The falls are a home to 200 bird species and thus making it a birding area in Uganda. Therefore while on a safari tourists can spot birds such as African finfoot, paradise flycatcher, blue spotted wood dove, emerald cuckoo, red-billed paradise flycatcher, black necked weaver, red headed malimbe, yellow fronted canary among others.


Rock climbing is a very challenging and it requires physically and mentally fit visitors to enjoy the experience. The falls have a sharp rock across the falls and during the rock climbing tourists climb up to the top of the rocks. While climbing tourists can spot wildlife species such as lizards, snakes among others and the amazing views of the waterfalls as well as river Sempaya.


While on a Uganda safari at ssezibwa, tourists can camp at the grounds near the waterfalls. During the camp, tourists can listen to the sound of the waterfalls, sweet sounds of bird species, enjoy wildlife viewing as well as the cool environment.


While on a safari at the ssezibwa falls, tourists get too close and personal with wildlife. While on the nature walks the guide helps tourists to walk around the falls, forest and farms. During the walk tourists get to spot amazing views of tree species such as mahogany, musizi, eucalyptus, ebony trees and trees that are used by healers. Animals such as wild cats, mongoose, bird species, and primates such vervet monkeys, red-tailed monkeys, among others.

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